What Makes A Good Online Profile Photo  

It is a fact that online technology is already a big part of people’s daily living. With social media, you can now communicate with people from all over the world. Meanwhile, as you create a social media account, you need to have an online profile photo. 

A good online profile photo can help you acquire more followers and influence your audience. Do you want to have an appealing online profile photo on your social media channels? Maybe you just want to look good for your local hookups app profile photo? Whether you need help for your tinder profile or social media account, this article will guide you. The following are tips to make the best profile photo online.

Expose your face      

Your face is the highlight of your profile picture, so expose it. You may also show your passion in the background of your photo. For example, if you’re a nature lover, expose your face to a background of a beautiful greenery. 

Show your smile 

You may not know it, but a smile in a profile photo correlates with good social relationships. If you want to give a good impression with your profile picture, show your beautiful smile. 

Choose your background 

The background is an essential factor to consider for your photo. Make sure that your face will stand out in the background. So, don’t use too distracting background. 

Show the right signals 

In the online world, anything in the frame of your profile picture will be judged by people. So, you should show the right signals in your photo. Your picture needs to create a positive impression of you.

Use your creativity 

If you want a more attractive profile photo, apply creativity. For example, you can wear a suit, squinch your eyes, smile, accentuate your jawline or use a color correction tool. 

Frame yourself

Another technique to have a good profile photo is to frame yourself. Some headshots are too close or too far to the camera, which is wrong. You should have the right frame that will highlight your face. The suggested size and shape of profile photos may vary. The recommended size is about 600 pixels wide. 


You can use the rule of thirds to make an excellent profile picture. 

Face the light

Lighting is essential in taking your best profile photo. The light source should come in your front. 

Use a formal dress

If you want to look more competitive in your profile picture, you can try a formal dress. It can help you influence your audience. 

There we go, so that are some ways to make a good profile photo online. By considering these tips, you can influence your audience and give them a good impression of you. It can be helpful, especially if you want to introduce your passion or business through your profile picture. 


To sum it up, having a good online profile photo can help you influence other people. So, make sure that your photo looks attractive, approachable, and likable. 

In addition, an appealing profile picture can boost your confidence. You can be proud of how you appear on your profile pic on different social media accounts with this. It can be beneficial to gain more followers online. 

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