Steps To Take The Best Portrait Photo 

Are you an aspiring photographer or just love taking portrait pictures? If yes, this blog post is for you. The following are the steps in taking the best portrait photo.

Select a background and composition               

The first step in capturing a portrait photo is to select a background. Ensure that the background is not too distracting, so your subject can stand out from your chosen background. You need to also make sure that the background doesn’t blend with the model. For example, if you’re taking pictures of a sexy blonde, make sure that the background is dark so the model stands out. Then, you can use the rule of thirds as you locate the subject in a frame. Instead of placing the subject in the center of the frame, you can create an image pleasing to the eyes. 


If you’re a beginner in portrait photography, you should consider lighting. Good thing; you can capture gorgeous portraits without artificial flashes and lights. You can choose the right time on the day to shoot. For example, you can take a shot 30 to 60 minutes before sunset. It can have a warm, soft light without making harsh shadows. 

If you shoot in the middle of the day, you can place your subject in the shade. You can also consider the brightness of your background. It can be good if the background is a bit shaded to avoid overexposure to the sun. 


Another thing you should consider in portrait photography is exposure. You need to learn how the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO impact your picture. The face of your subject is the essential part of your photo. Apply creativity with your subject’s exposure. Some appealing portraits are silhouetted, underexposed, or slightly overexposed. 

Depth of field

The depth of field is another factor to consider in taking portrait photos. You can have a blurry background with a shallow depth of field. Meanwhile, not all cameras can get a shallow depth of field. If you wish to have a blurry background, you can reduce your F-stop, move your subject far away from your background or step back and zoom in on your subject.

Composition color 

It is important to consider the colors in your composition. Are there too bright colors that are distracting? You may also ask your subject to wear colors based on their style. For example, you can ask your subject to wear a red dress or bright yellow as you shoot in the browns and greens of the forest. 

Posing and interacting 

Some may feel a little bit uncomfortable while taking portraits. So, make sure to make your subject comfortable. Tell them as you set up and make them laugh. You can take pictures while smiling. You can also take serious portraits. 

With these tips, you can take more stunning portrait photos. Whether you take portrait photos during your travel, events, or anywhere, applying the steps we mentioned above can help you have an impressive portrait photo composition. 


By considering these steps, you can improve your skills in portrait photography. If you need adult photography examples, check out Nude Pics Now as they have an endless collection of nude art. Whether you’re using a smartphone or DSLR, these portrait photography tips can help you make a striking and beautiful portrait photos. 

Are you ready to level up your portrait photography? Then, learn to practice these tips now! 

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